Oilfield Rentals

End Dumps

Our hydraulic End Dump trailers are ideal for hauling solids control and dirt. Each are aluminum built and supported by an 18" deep steel MATE frame.

Capacity: 70 bbls
Capable of: Solids Control and Dirt Hauling

Flat Bed Trailers

Our Flat Bed Trailers have an aluminum center frame to allow for optimal weight efficiency and load capacity.

Length: 45 feet
Width: 8 feet

GapVac / Guzzler Units

Our GapVac / Guzzler Units are powerful, industrial efficient, and capabale of dry and wet vacuuming. Essentially, these units have the ability to convey materials further and faster than conventional means. Each of our units are equipped with a 10' rotating hydraulic load boom that are especially helpful in tight locations.

Capacity: 60 bbls
Compact, powerful and highly maneuverable in tight locations.
Solid and rear tank cleaning capabilities.
Rear mounted cyclone system for dry bulk bagging upon request.

Vacuum Trucks

Capacity: 130 bbls
Permitted: Haul HAZARDOUS and non-HAZARDOUS Oilfield Fluids, Disposal and Sewage (By the Department of Environmental Quality)
Apportioned In: LA, TX, MS, AR, AL

Tank Rentals

Frac Tanks

Our Frac Tank units are specially manufactured for PCM Logistics. Each have a standard 4" rear drain, clean out hatch and are epoxy lined. For added strength, our tanks are constructed with 1/4" corrugated steel on all walls, roof and flooring.

Capacity: 500 bbls
Dimensions: 8' W, 40' L, 10' H
Gross Tare Weight: 20,000 lbs.
Portable: Capable of being spotted and re-spotted using Winch Truck
Apportioned In: LA, TX, MS, AR, AL
Epoxy lined to resist scale and corrosion
V-shaped bottom
Gun line and Manifold Equipped
Connections located at Ground Level
Storage Only

Gasbuster Return Tanks

Gasbuster Return Tanks have foldable platforms located on both sides for the visual inspection of returns. Additionally, the construction of smooth internal walls help reduce clean up time and allow for efficiency.

Capacity: 330 bbls
Dimensions: 8' W, 40' L, 6.5' H
Gross Tare Weight: 23,000 lbs.
Portable: Capable of being spotted and re-spotted using Winch Truck
Apportioned In: LA, TX, MS, AR, AL
Used on Wells / Coil Tubing Units / Flow back
Open Top Tanks
Connections located at Ground Level

Additional Services

US Coast Guard Mobile Transfers

The United States Coast guard has approved PCM Logistics as a registered provider of land based dock transfers in Louisiana and Texas. We are capable of transferring oil in bulk to/from a vessel. Our trucks are equipped with a fixed lighting system enabling night transfers and all of our employees have received extensive training to ensure operational safety.

Cleaning Crews and Swampers

We have designated swampers and cleaning crews available upon request.

KCL Concentrates

We offer various percentages of KCL concentrate. Please contact us for your solution needs.

Turn Key Performance Package

Customer specific Turn Key Performance Packages are available for trucking and disposal from Spud-In to Total Depth. We work hand-in-hand with the customer and evaluate your specific needs.

Vessel Cleaning and Coating

With over 29 years of experience, our sister company, Vacco Marine, Inc., offers services in Vessel Cleaning and Coating.

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